Monday, June 15, 2009

6-13-09 Photo of the Day - Purple Betty

This is the last car I had, her name is "Purple Betty".
I now drive "Big Red" Red Suburban. I love driving it and sometimes feel it's not very "green" but for how many kids we'll have and how much I drive....oh it's nice. I feel I do a good job making up for not being "green" in this area but being "green" in other areas.
"Purple Betty"
She was only to be driven by me for a few months, kind of a "runner" car. I ended up driving her for over a year. I think the girls at the salon were very surprised I drove it that long!
Big Daddy drives her now. She looked much better in my day. Since Adam has had her he has been backed into and hit on the side a couple of times. Needless to say, she's paid for herself over and over. And the kicker....she fires up every time. She's never, ever (knock on wood) broke down. I actually thought I was going to drive it until it broke down....thank God I didn't have to for that long....I'd still be in it! She has been parked at times for this or that reason and we laugh because we're always surprised she fires.....but man...she does! She has a ton of miles and just as much rust. One of these days she'll make it to the "cash for junk" car lot!!!
My husband did not want me to post anything about Purple Betty.....
but I love her!
(I'm just glad I don't drive it anymore! :))
PS. Her windshield is all cracked up too!

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