Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6-23-09 My Day

I had a doctor apponment today that was actually pretty uneventful and that's a good thing. Baby is doing just fine. All is well! We are so blessed that this pregnancy has been so good. Actually, for the most part (except the pre-eclampsia with Henry), all my pregnancies have been really good. I am just at the tired phase right now and getting very uncomfortable...along with BIG!

Henry & Karley spent the morning with their Auntie "Daffy" and cousins Ryan, Kelsey & "Nick us" while I went to the doctor. It was so nice to have them there. We are so glad for Auntie "Daffy". :)

Naps all around once we got home....oh but preceding that....Henry went poop on the potty all by himself! I wasn't sure what mess I was going to come into the room to find....it was all good though....the "mess" came later. It was so bad I had to put peppermint oil under my nose and the kids were looking at my goofy.....Henry was asking, "why are you choking Mommy?" My stomach is so weak for terrible smells.....especially during pregnancy.

It's not funny Ryan....it was gross!!!

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