Monday, June 29, 2009

6-29-09 POD My New Photo Techniques

I am messing around with my camera a little bit as well at picasa 3. I would love to have an digital SLR but will manage with the "point and shoot" I have until it breaks down. Or I have enough money from my garage haircuts! :) Which option will happen first?

This picture was actually taken vertically even though it looks like it should be a horizontal picture. So I left it the way it is minus the add on things I did to the photo. Should be fun to have it printed to actually see it in my hands.

Henry is in his sleeping bag. He now thinks it's pretty cool and is taking his nap in it as well!

Muffin doesn't have a sleeping bag, but because brother bear has one she wanted one for herself. I made one from her "Auntie Blankie". I should add they insisted on pillows as well. But the point of posting this picture was my new found love of "blur" which I discovered from MckMama's blog.

This was taken in the same amount of light as the previous pictures but I messed with my camera and got this???

Just another picture I tried with the "blur"

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