Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday 7-6-09

I thought it would be so great to finally be rid of diapers for at least one child for a brief time (6-7 weeks??) So why didn't I think I would actually have to clean poop out of Spike Buck's underwear? Well, I guess that goes with it huh? As this is our first adventure with potty training what could I possibly know about taking a boy to the bathroom? No worries, it all works out right? Well sure, and smoothly too,. right? Of course! So I know how to be very sanitary and never get poop on my own hands! Not Me!

My husband and I would never spend Friday and Saturday doing yard work and missing any kind of activity that resembles our National Holiday. We would never say our kids won't get anything out of it anyway. Not us!
And as I write this simple blog, my 17 month old daughter would never know the next quack or cluck that The Wiggles are going to say would she? No, not my daughter! How embarrassing is that? She's just really smart huh?
Please join in the Not Me! Monday with's so much fun to read!

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