Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Day at the Beach 6-26-09 (MckMama siting)

On Friday we went to the beach with a couple of friends. We made sure that we got there nice and early so we could get a umbrella for shade. Gina made it there first at 9:30 AM and got the last of the many umbrellas. I guess next time we might want to make sure we get there when the rooster crows! It became very crowded by noon and we were ready to take off. But before we could leave the parking lot I had to change Muffin's diaper. Poor thing had a messy diaper and it was painful for her! My little Muffin fell asleep on the way home, she was thoroughly exhausted! Henry didn't nap which ended up being okay because we (lucky us!) had a babysitter coming at 6:30 PM! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I meet MckMama at the beach today. It was the strangest thing, I had this feeling the evening before that I would meet her there (I am not some medium or anything like that). And then I thought I saw her walking by.....I was pretty sure that I recocnized her and the MSC, minus Stellan. I saw her leave, meanwhile, I took my potty training Spike Buck to the bathroom. Well, he couldn't reach and he wouldn't stand on my feet, now what? Oh, we went to the woods (small patch of trees by the parking lot) and he actually peed standing up! YEAH! So on our way to the bathroom for me, we ran into MckMama and Stellan. I, of course, had to say something. She was very nice and asked if I saw her leave. Well, yes I did....which later made me think....she probably thought I was stalking her...waiting for her to come back. MckMama...if you happen to read this, (which I am sure you won't with all that you are busy doing), I wasn't stalking. Just coming out of the woods!

I've tried a little something new with some of the photos.....a tip from MckMama and her blog :)

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  1. lol I like the blur on the butt in the last shot!! Have had considered doing that a number of times myself!

    What cute pictures!!

    Your family is just precious.

    many blessigns!


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