Monday, June 29, 2009

6-27/28-09 POD Our Weekend

Oh how nice it was to get out last night with my "Big Daddy" without kids! We went to dinner with another couple and then went out for drinks (well, no drinks for me, of course) and listen to a band play outside! That was so nice and interesting. Interesting why? Well, because people sure do and wear some interesting things! It was a great night. Needless to say, Big Daddy and I were both tired Saturday and took advantage of our "littles" taking a nap, we both took naps too! :)Big Daddy worked on the basement on Saturday and Sunday. He added some lights and painted the walls white. That added a lot to the made it not look so much like a dungeon! Meanwhile I played with kids, weeded half of the sandbox and started, for the second time, staining the swing set. I am hoping to finish that project before the end of next week!

We also took a little time to enjoy some "freezers".

Henry seems to love the water hose. Notice my new photo technique???

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