Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Last Pregnancy

Time is going by quick yet is it moving by at all?
I look at the counter and see that I have two weeks and four days left before the baby comes (provided her lungs are okay).
I wonder and worry everything will get done.
There's so much I want to do.
It's crazy to think that everything needs to be done before we bring her home, yet that's how I feel.
I want to finish the pregnancy journal I started. I should be able to do that right?
Then of course there's the baby room....that seems a little endless right now.
Trusting my husband that everything will be done and everything will be fine is more what I should be listening to rather than the voice in my head that keeps me in panic mode about "getting it all done".
I worry that something is going to happen to the baby after we've come so far.
I worry that something will happen to me after the c-section.
I struggle to get the house clean, play with the kids, make dinner, and of course spend time with my husband.
I am ready to be done being pregnant.
I feel like I've been pregnant forever.
Really I have been pregnant for the better part of the last three years.
I want to meet the baby, this time is going slowly.
Will I have my energy back?
Will taking care of three kids under the age of three exhaust me just as much as being pregnant and taking care of two kids under three?
Can I manage with less sleep than I already do?
I do love the feeling of the baby.
I know when I watch her I will think of her movements while I carried her.
What will her personality be like?
Will she be really active like she is now?
Will she look like Henry, Karley or neither?
I wonder if I'll miss being pregnant?
I will enjoy having a glass of wine.
There's so much anticipation.
I think I could go on and on.
The Lord will take care of us.