Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday 7-13-09

I would never sit at the computer and put on make-up while my kids (2.5 & 17 mo) are eating cereal. I only say I would never do this because I do hear a lot of commotion as well as bowls doing things they shouldn't. But at least they are eating it dry (don't ask me why...they like it that way)....nope....Not me!

I did not put only enough make up on from the rims of my sunglasses and then walk to the "Daze" festivities....Not me!

Oh my son didn't pee through his bottom sheet, top sheet and comforter just before we had friends over and I only washed the comforter and put it back on the bed (with a bare mattress) acting like it was all done....nope...Not me! I wouldn't still have to finish making the bed would I? After three days? Not me!

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