Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Small Town "Daze"

Another year has passed in our small town and as I write this our "Daze" are almost over. We live in a small one horse town that doesn't even contain a stoplight (we do have a few stop signs).

Our house is one of the best locations for all the activities as most of them are right across the street!

Friday night we took part in the fireworks from our own front lawn! This was the first year that Henry was able to stay awake to actually see fireworks. He really liked them as long as he was able to sit on Mommy's lap. Karley couldn't make it up long enough to watch but she somehow manage to sleep through all the booming! Saturday morning he Matter's come over for the 4 mile race that went all the way around the lake and ended right at our driveway. Brad ran and took 4th overall and first in his division! Yeah Forrest, I mean Brad! Just after watching the runners come in we watched a little of the bean bag toss and 3 point shoot out. Then we got the gator a little spruced up and headed up the hill for the "kiddie parade". That was an adventure for us just to get up the hill to the start of the parade. My Wonderful Husband rigged the gator to only go in first gear so it was a slow process to get to the start. Not to mention that Henry doesn't quite get to keep the gas pedal down and steer at the same time for the entire way. WH video taped the parade while I help the gator to actually move through the parade. I would imagine it was quite the site to see a 5'11", eight month pregnant woman all bent over pushing/steering this gator down main street. What we Mom's won't do for our kiddies to have a good time! Of course we all enjoyed a little nap time after that!

Oh wait....I forgot my puppy!

My WH made this little screen concoction for our garage so we are able to people watch and listen to the bands from our own garage. It's really quite nice in the land of 10,000 mosquitoes!

Today we set some chairs out in our own yard for the big parade. How nice is that! We didn't have to load the car with snacks, water, lawn chairs and wonder where our little Henry would use the bathroom. It was all right here! Just "rewaxing" waiting for candy!

I'd say it's pretty nice to have a park, beach, public boat access, tennis courts, basketball court, softball field and pavilion right across the street. How lucky are we? I'd say pretty lucky even though our "forever" house will be nowhere near all this stuff. So as long as we live here and have little kids we will enjoy all the "Daze", church festivals, and everyday activity that happens while living here. It's great place to live while being a SAHM.