Monday, July 6, 2009

Time Out

I am so amazed by my little Henry and Karley. He's 2.5 years and the things I hear him say and do just bring so much joy and laughter to our life.

The latest thing is that he has told me that I need to go and sit in a time out because, "I do not to hit my sister because it's naughty". Now, I do not hit my sister, nor do I hit his sister, but he certainly does. And he sits in time out for this behavior.

Time out is located in any and probably every room in our house. It's a corner and he knows exactly where time out is in every room. Now the real kicker of this is that Karley Janie (17 months) knows the exact thing as well. This amazes me even more!

I have that "my youngest child" isn't old enough for this or that syndrome going on. How do I know this? Because a few months ago (when Karley was 14 or 15 months old) under my breath I said, "I should just give you a time out". Just after I said this she went to the appropriate corner in that room and sat there. What? Really? Yes!

I am not sure how effective time outs are for her. We'll see as time goes on and she doesn't like to sit her time. But we still do them with her (yes, even at 17 months) partly because if she hits her brother and doesn't have to sit then how effective will it be for him at just a mere 15 months older than she? And really, she doesn't even care if she sits or not. But he sees that her naughty behavior is not acceptable just as his isn't.

And so, every now and then Henry tells Mommy, "you go to time out". He also tells Mommy & Daddy, "don't throw toys" and "eat in the kitchen". Not to mention all the little things we hear him tell her not to do.