Thursday, July 30, 2009

What We Did Yesterday Part 1

This is what we did yesterday, but I should start with what we did the day before. Or maybe the day before that? Or even before that? Monday was a day I spent very glued to my computer hitting refresh so I could keep up to date what was happening with little baby Stellan. I cried, prayed and we all dressed in orange. So when I dressed the kids I told them that we were wearing orange to show support and prayer for baby Stellan.

Tuesday morning before I went to my 36 week doctor appointment I quick painted my toenails orange. This is the first time I've painted them all summer. Partly because my belly has been so huge and the other part was because I knew my 2.5 year old boy would want his painted and that his Daddy would not appreciate the painting of his son's toes. But I wanted pretty toes anyway and I thought they it might last until after the baby comes (1 week 6 days from painting them). As soon as I did it he wanted "paint on my toes". I held him off. Don't ask how because he either is so cute I can't resist or I am just way too weak. Maybe both? Off I went to my doctor appointment while by friend Susan watched the kids. Then when I came home I took the kids for a "widdle walk" to the post office to see Mary and of course get a sucker. Then we proceed for more of a "widdle walk" to the church. I should mention that when my sister's girls were here two weeks ago we also walked to the church. They were in love with the awesomeness of the building and thought Mary was just as beautiful. We tried to go in and say a prayer but the priest was gone so the doors were locked.
Back to yesterday.
So we walked to the church and the doors were open. In we went and we prayed for "Dylan". The littles have a cousin Dylan and Henry seems to only be able to say "Dylan" and not "Stellan". But I knew what he meant because he pointed out that he was wearing an orange shirt (again) for "Dylan". So we went inside and said prayers for Stellan and our baby.

Henry was very excited to tell Daddy later that night what we did. Then he asked Daddy, "You want to go to church and pray" and then five minutes later he would say, "Should we go to church and pray?" I told him we could go again tomorrow which would be yesterday.

So bright and early on Wednesday morning he was asking if we could go to the church and pray. Off we went on our adventure to the beautiful church in the middle of our small town of 1000 (maybe) people. It's an old church in an old town. The steeples have lights that shine on them at night. It's so beautiful. Reminds me of the old Catholic Churches in Europe. This isn't the church we go to as we attend in my husband's hometown 15 minutes away.

On the way to church I found a five dollar bill! How sweet! We donated at the church, said prayers for baby Stellan and our baby and lit two candles. The kids were so good.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did end up painting Henry's toes. He begged and begged and I couldn't say no any longer. So that's what's Not Quite Right in the picture here. I decided that when my Wonderful Husband got home I wasn't going to say anything and see how long it took before he noticed.

When he arrived home it went like this:

He came in said hi to me.

Went to the kid's room to say hi to them.

Then I hear:

"Tina Marie Fisher"

I think you get the picture.

Oh well, Henry loves it. But how long will it stay on?

Part 2 coming up on what else we did yesterday.