Friday, August 7, 2009

For Kerri Ann - My Blog Friend

Yesterday my neighbor Kerri came over with her son and the new "baby" at daycare. She came over to see how our laundry room has transformed into our baby's new room (I'll post pictures soon). She liked it by the way! I was glad that she was bringing the baby for two reasons, first, I could maybe get a glimpse of how Karley would react to me holding a baby. The second reason was simply to see the baby.

Karley wasn't exactly thrilled. She didn't react the same way Henry did when he first saw her (she cried, he cried and wanted nothing to do with either of us. I don't even need to mention how that effected me.) She didn't cry either. She just had a look like "what the heck?" A little later when I picked the baby up Karley didn't really do much. I guess that's a good sign for next week? We'll see our baby might be a different story.

I was instantly in love with the baby. This baby.....this poor baby who comes to daycare from foster care. Whose mother, thankfully, was forced to give her up because of her neglect to her other 5 children and her terrible drug use. The answer is yes, she was more than likely doing drugs while pregnant. The baby seems to be doing well and doesn't have any after effects of her mother's poor choices. But really I guess that remains to be seen. This so saddens me. It also breaks my heart that this baby doesn't have a name. She's nine weeks old and doesn't have a name.

I sat and watched this beautiful baby and thought of my blogger friend Kerri Ann. Watching this baby just Melted My Heart. I so wanted to tell my neighbor Kerri to just leave her here....I'll take care of her. I'll make sure she never knows any hurt or pain like she may with her own mother. I won't let this baby go through all the suffering her older sisters have been through. I won't let her ever feel hunger. Hunger for food, love, attention and who knows what else. My neighbor feels the same way. I bet Kerri Ann feels the same way about a baby or child she hasn't yet met.

Some people or things just Melt My Heart. This baby was one. I pray for the best outcome for the baby and for her five sisters. I also thankful that Kerri Ann and her husband are going to be people that will be a safe harbor for a baby like "baby".