Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

The day was supposed to start at 4:15 am, however, after I awoke at 2:15 am I wasn't able to go back to sleep. I was awake for about an hour wondering how the rest of the day would unfold and that's when I started having contractions, yeah! I stayed in bed until about 4:00 am and then got up and started getting ready for the "big day".

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am for the amniocentesis. But before the amnio I had a "NST" (Non Stress Test). They hook up two monitors on my baby belly and then I push a button every time the baby moves. She moved a lot in between the contractions I was still having. Since I was having regular contractions Dr F checked to see how far I was dilated in hopes that I would not even have to do the amnio. No such luck. On to the amnio.


My neighbor was right, there wasn't much to be worried about with the amnio. I guess there certainly could be but at this point (38 weeks), my husband and I felt comfortable doing this. Our doctor was also very comfortable with the procedure. She does an ultrasound to find a pocket of fluid and then preps my baby belly for the needle insertion. I was given Novocaine in the area that she actually would put the needle in. I should also mention that she does not do the procedure if the only fluid she can find is around the baby's face. So there was the possibility that we would have to try again later if that happened. Thankfully for us, she found two good "spots" she could pull fluid from. After about an hour our nurse came back and said we were a "go". Now on to prepping for the c-section.

I was impressed with how all three of my c-sections were handled. Each experience was different but the birth of Karley and Sophie were more alike than the birth of Henry. I'll write about the birth of my older two in another post.

This is how it went for Sophie.

After the nurse said we were going to have her today there were a number of neurological staff members that came in to ask questions about my health and the pregnancy. They really took the time to make sure everything was okay. Then they started an IV line with "fluids". Adam was asked to change into his scrubs and then we would go down to the Operating Room. When I think about this I still feel the same way when we were going to the OR. I gave my husband a hug and had tears in my eyes. I kept thinking about the story of Matt, Liz & Madeline. I feared this would happen to us. I walked down to the OR and then when I was all "set up" then Adam would come into the room. The room was extremely cold. I am not sure why but for some reason it's supposed to be that way. I was shaking. The anesthesiologist put a heater in my blanket to keep me warm until they actually started. Adam came in, I was so glad to see him. I think from that point on I cried the entire time. It seemed to take forever. Adam watched the entire time and I just watched him. I knew I would know from him if something was wrong. On they go. Adam took pictures as soon as he could see the baby being pulled out of my belly. In my opinion they really are something to see. I am glad I have these pictures. She cried and then I cried even more.


It was amazing, awesome, a miracle, sweet, and a true blessing from God.

She is amazing, awesome, a miracle, sweet and a true blessing from God.

Adam is amazing, awesome a miracle, sweet, my rock and a true blessing from God.

After the team assessed the Sophie, she and Adam left for the nursery. Then they stitched me up. It took what seemed like forever. I had a lot of whatever it was they gave me to not feel anything and what was odd was that I didn't feel like I was breathing. It was the strangest thing. I felt like I had to take huge deep breaths. I expressed my concern to the anesthesiologist and he said he is a normal feeling (not one that I ever had before) and that I was doing "great". I guess I was doing "great" but it sure "felt" odd and scary. I was glad to be wheeled out of there. I was then brought to the my room where Adam and Sophie joined me.

Our older (that sounds funny to say since they really aren't much older) joined us. My sister was watching them and was nice enough to bring them to see us. We were so shocked by how much they were in love with her. They were all about kisses and making sure she was in the "crib".

My sister and her two girls, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends all came to visit us in the hospital. We enjoyed all we came, brought gifts and sent well wishes. Thank you! We are surrounded by wonderful people!

PS. Having a c-section was not my original "birth plan" but sometimes you get what you get. I am just glad all my babes were delivered to me safely.

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