Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Village

While we were in the hospital we had our village come and stay with us.

My sister and her two girls came Sunday, 8/9/09, and stayed until Tuesday, 8/11/09. It was so nice to just be able to leave our kids here sleeping in their own beds while we left for the hospital. This was especially nice since we weren't sure if we would be able to have the baby on 8/10. My kids adore Auntie "Ton- a" and she knows their ins and outs as she does our home.

My Mom came on Tuesday, 8/11, and stayed with us until Saturday, 8/15. This was great to say the least. This means that she was here when we came home from the hospital! She cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, played with the kids, allowed me to take naps and was "just Mom and Grandma" to us all! We love her! And are so thankful that she was able to come and stay with us! Oh I should also say, she wiped booggy noses during her whole stay which ended up with her sick. She left a day early to go home and recover. Sorry Mom!

Late Monday, 8/17 my sister came back to stay with us until Wednesday, 8/19. She had vacation this week and wanted to come and do a little school clothes shopping for her girls. Then she was nice enough to drive us all to get photos taken of Sophie. She is a lifesaver!

On Wednesday, 8/19 my Dad & Sally came to stay with us until Friday, 8/21. Wow! They were awesome! They played with the kids a ton! They took them everywhere a person could go in our one horse town! The kids had a great time! I am so thankful.

This all being said....we have had a host of company since the day before the birth of our little Sophie. Yesterday was our first day of going it alone. I really did it alone because my Wonderful Husband picked up a side job and is working the weekend. I miss him!

As much as I don't want time to go by, I don't want our baby to get big, I do. I will enjoy the ease of life when she's a little older, but oh I hate to say that because the time will go by so fast. It already does....I see it when I look at the other two kids. It goes by way too fast. Bittersweet. I say this because it will be nice when my husband and I aren't so tired that as soon as the kids go to bed all we can think about it the last feeding before "night" and some much needed sleep.

I need to post some pictures too! Man on man...time just gets away from me. So does cleaning! Oh well!

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