Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Weekend

Last weekend was really the last weekend we had at home of doing "nothing' before the baby comes. This weekend coming up we have our nephew's birthday party and then my sister will be here on Sunday to take care of our kids starting Monday.

We decided to give the "projects" a rest and just do whatever. It was nice. I think Adam and I were both tired of trying to get everything done before the baby comes. It is what it is at this point. I think at this point I'd just like to clean my kitchen counter tops off, pack a bag for me and for the baby. Then it's all good. Oh load the car seat. Will that be "enough" to get done? Probably not. As I sit and write this I am thinking of a million more things I want to get done. When does it end? Like never?

Anyway, we had a good weekend. I quick snapped these two pictures from dinner on Saturday night. We grilled burgers, had tuna salad and local sweet corn. It was good. The kids skipped everything and only feasted on this: