Friday, August 7, 2009

Used to Be

I thought I would sit down and write about how things are going with me during the last days of my final pregnancy.

I've started this post several times and my thoughts are all over the place. Are they always or just lately? Time will tell. Maybe I'll make it simple.

Today is sister and her two girls might come today. I'll find out shortly. We've talked about going to fair and then the boys would stay for the truck pull. What is a tractor pull? It's the craziest thing...semi-trucks pull weight down a straight stretch of a track and whoever can go the furthest the fastest with the most weight wins. Something like that. Doesn't it sound fun? Does it sound redneck? I think this idea has been scrapped due to the raining weather today. Then there was the idea of going to my sister-in-laws for haircuts and dinner. What do I mean haircuts? I mean I give all the kids haircuts as well as my brother-in-law. Yes, I am a professional haircutter. Or I used to be. I guess I can say I still am as I am licensed for two and half more years.

Saturday, I hope to make it to the grocery store alone. I'll get some things for my sister and Mom to make while I'm in the hospital. Saturday night we are going to our nephews 11th birthday party.

Sunday....relax spend the day at home. If it's nice go to the beach across the street with the kids. My sister will be here for sure on Sunday. We'll all hang out. Maybe I'll finish packing my bag? Probably should get that done.

Then Monday. Monday. Monday. August 10. Monday. Will we have a baby? I am thinking we will. BUT there is a chance we won't.

We really are going back to late night feedings, new baby teeth, teaching a baby how to eat, burp clothes, tiny diapers, swaddling, tiny fingers, tiny toes, crying in the middle of the night, and zero sleep. We are going to experience, first smiles, giggles, baptism, pictures galore, first rolling over, tummy time, first crawling, and first walking.

I am amazed at the fact that I will be away from my husband, kids (well, not all of them but being in the hospital is different), and home for three nights. I am not usually with out one of the people in my family. This is kind of a weird thing for me. Weird because I always used to be alone. Now I am never alone. That really is a strange thought for me.

We'll see what Monday brings...