Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well Baby Checks

Today I rounded up the troops and we headed to Sophie's first well baby check up and Karley's 18 month well baby check up. It was nice to be able to them both at the same time but the time was not actually the best. It was bumping into lunch followed by nap and it was all coming early today because Henry decided to wake up at 5:30 AM and Karley was at 6:30 AM. I was getting pretty creative in the room while we waited for everything to be finished.

My big girl....she's 34" tall (97th %) and weighs 27 lbs 8 oz (85th %).

My little girl.....she's 21 1/2" tall (80%) and weighs 9 lbs 4 oz (50th %).

Her little umbilical cord stump is gone. I cried and cried over this. It never bothered me for the "big kids". I was actually so glad for it to be gone. I thought I would feel the same way for Sophie as well until it was almost off. Then it hit me, this is my last baby and her last physical connection to being in my body is gone. Oh, it makes me all teary just thinking of it. My Wonderful Husband reminds me, "these kids are so connected to you, don't worry" and gives me a big hug.

He's so sweet. I love him more and more each day. I feel like I've fallen in love with him all over

Sophie had her first real bath. She did really well. I thought I would do her bath when the "big kids" had their bath (My Wonderful Husband usually does their bath!). They finished early and came running to us. They were so excited and so helpful. Now, they hardly take a bath and are in with me giving Sophie a bath.

They love their sister and it makes me so happy!

All is well. I love my family. I love my life. I am so blessed. Thank you Jesus!

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