Friday, August 7, 2009

Why I Blog

I was prompted to do a Photo of the Day by a friend and needed a place to put the pictures. I didn't want to clutter up facebook with a picture everyday. Nor did I/do I think all my facebook friends want to see some of the stupid pictures I take. So I thought I'd do a blog. I didn't even know about this world. During this start up process I saw a news story on MckMama. I thought I'd check out her blog. I asked myself, "what are these blogs all about?" Then I thought oh, I could do this and then my Mom (who lives 3 hours away) could see pictures of my kids more often than she gets to see my kids. It took her so long for the page to come up on her dial up connection so I am not even sure how much she checks this out. this time my reasons have changed even further. I have decided that I am just not going to get to any scrap booking any time soon. I don't really have a place to keep it all set up nor do I don't have the time to be away from home on a regular basis. Not to mention how much money it takes to get the pages all "perfect" I have started journaling by pen I've never kept it up. So blogging has now become a combination of scrap booking and journaling for my kids. I plan to put most of the content in a book at the end of each year and then someday my kids will have the books. So that is now my primary reason for blogging.

I think Mama Bear's Alphabity Moments would be a really fun book to have some day and will probably start that when they come back to "A" in a couple of weeks.

So with all that, I am thinking of how I might like to "set up" this book. I am thinking about "chapters" as I go and what to put in them. We'll see how things go. I plan on making the book at the end of each year? Too much content? Too little? We'll see.

I love making family calendars online so I think this book will also be a great idea. My hopes are to take better pictures and to become a better writer. It will be thoughts are always so "all over the board".

Wish me luck!