Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Blog Swap

I had a wonderful baby blog swap hosted by Kelly at Two Kids, a Mini Van and A Lot of Love. My partner is named Tanielle at The Polka Dot Daisy. She has an awesome blog and let me tell you....she is so creative! I wish I had half the creativity she does! Not to mention how thoughtful she was! Not only did she swap for Sophie but she also sent gifts for Henry, Karley and me! I feel ashamed that I did not have the fore site to think of this for her family!

I missed a couple items in the first photo because they had already found their "home".

Here's a rundown.....

Cloth Diapers - Karley has already taken them for her baby!
Headband - Karley has already worn it to a special playdate.
Gee...who was this for?
Rattle - Henry & Karley think it belongs to them.
Travel toiletries - Henry & Karley think the lotion is for them.
Hair Clips - ahhh...Karley can't wear yet as she doesn't have enough hair.
Onesie - What do you know I just happen to put it on Sophie today....picture above and modeling below.
And the grand finale for Sophie.....
This hand made BEAUTIFUL changing pad. It's so beautiful. I can't believe it! I love it so much! I even pulled it out at my special play date with a bunch of fellow bloggers. They all loved it! Inside the pocket was a travel size of diaper wipes.

And for Henry...
LIZARDS! I could only find one for the photo....the rest are slithering around our house!

And for Karley....
This lovely little purse....she loves it!

And for me....
In the photo you can see some body spray....smells wonderful....and when I put it on....Karley says, "Mine". That means she wants some too!
And in the photo with the purse is a To Do List withe magnet. Funny....I just (I am totally serious) used up the one I had. Perfect timing!

I also had to add the tags for each gift.....because Tanielle has a really cool font she prints by her own hand! Her tags are creative, her card for me, her label on the BOX for goodness sake! I am so impressed!

I think I have a few lessons to learn in the creativity department!

I can't say thank you enough Tanielle!


And thanks to Kelly for putting this all together!


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