Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Catching Up

We haven't been up to very much lately. I thought I would just say a few things quick.

I was on this big kick to make sure I got the kids out of the house a couple of times this week. Earlier in the week we went to MckMama's house for a large group playdate. The playdate was really nice and so is her house. There was plenty to eat and my friend Amanda made a really awesome cake (I tasted the kids frosting when I was cleaning them up!). She bakes like nobodies business. I wish I had a picture to show you but I was too busy making sure Karley was okay. See, she would leave my side and then when she realized she wasn't next to me she would cry her big crocodile tears. I am sure there will be pictures flying around soon of this beautiful cake because it was photographed. It was a great time and Henry asked for two days straight....are we going to Jennifer's house? When I asked him if he had fun playing with the kids he said, "Yes, and there were girls there". I am taking that to mean he really enjoyed playing with Mama Bear's little girl.

We managed to get out again on Thursday. I was so proud of myself.....I loaded all three and we went to Best Buy to get a new printer/all in one. We weren't exactly happy with HP anymore and that was pretty much all Costco had so we thought we'd try Best Buy.

Now I should back up a little bit. Henry & Karley have been having some trouble listening and holding on to my hand while going on walks. They were so good. I suppose it was mostly because I truly believe Henry knows how to "get away" with things when I am tending to the baby. So, the listening and hand holding while I was a baby wearing Mama have gone by the wayside. My remedy was to put them in the double stroller. GREAT! So let me just tell you on our last walk to the post office....I was huffing and puffing by the time I got there. I am so out of shape. Granted, I was carry an extra 10 of my own, a baby who probably weighs about 12 and then pushing 70+ up the hill. I guess you could say six weeks post op that I was doing pretty well. So am I ready for PX90? We'll see. Right now I'll just keep walking in the pitch black of night with my neighbor!

Back to my Best Buy trip....

My new method of taking the kids out by myself is to put Henry & Karley in the stroller all buckled in! Then I become the baby wearing Mama that I've always wanted to be! I think the people in Best Buy thought I was crazy. Let me just tell you that I was very impressed with Best Buy in Minnetonka! I had a very very helpful sales woman pick out just the right printer for us. She patiently waited while I called Adam to make sure the one I was getting was good for him. Then she carried it up to the check-out for me (remember, I am wearing and pushing). The check-out lady said she would put the printer aside until I could drive up. Then when I did drive up....the guy who sits at the door when you come in....well, he came out and loaded the printer up for me! All this was without me asking for any help! That's what I like!

I did it! I was so proud of myself. I actually ran an errand! For all those readers out there with three + kids you are probably laughing at me as this is old hat for you. I am sure at some point (hopefully soon) this will be old hat for me too!

Now guess what? In the mail that day we got a coupon book from have basically the same printer by another manufacturer (not HP) for $100 less. Guess what? The printer that I haven't even taken out of the Suburban, well, it's going back. $100 that's too much to not return the Best Buy printer. All that for, well, just the experience of getting out.

Oh well.

I was going to take the littles to "Drop in and Play" at the school the next town over on Friday morning but there's been such an outbreak of H1N1 over there that I didn't dare. I mean it's a school. Do I really want to take the risk? No not really! Yes, I am paranoid but it's a lot of work with these three already. I have long days and it would only be worse if one, two , three or me were sick. So yes, I am paranoid and we stayed home. It's okay because Daddy came home early and we all had our own playdate.

So are you taking your kids to places you know to be highly contagious? Are you changing any of your outings because of H1N1, the Flu or any other icks that are going around? Let me know your thoughts.

I think next week we'll go to an apple orchard and maybe story time at the library.

What are you up to? Please feel free to leave me a comment by clicking on comments below. You do not have to register with Disqus, you can be a guest. Let me know where you are coming from, unless of course I already "know" you! I enjoy seeing what other blogs are out there!

Have a great weekend!

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