Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay let's see if I remember how to do this because I wouldn't never go so long without a not me post that I'd forget how to do it.

Home of the Not Me! Monday is at MckMama's blog. Check out her blog to and MckLinky up there and join us for a Not Me! Monday. It's fun! And funny! If you don't have a blog you can comment with your Not Me's here or at MckMama's if you'd like.

My weeks all seem to blend together and it seems my old ways of living have all but been abandoned.

Kelly reminded my of something I would never do....I would never be late for a very important playdate and lose the dog while loading up the kids. Then proceed to do just one loop around our block and then be on my merry way because I was unwilling to be an later than I already was. Only to come home and find her in her kennel with the door locked. Uh oh! Well, no matter....because I would never knowingly leave town, 30 minutes away, with my dog on the loose. Not me!

I am surely not a person who would wear black cotton pants that are too small (pre-pregnancy) with an ugly green shirt, white sport socks, black dress shoes and zero make-up to go and get my husband from an errand he ran. Not me! I always leave my house well presented.

Has a fruit fly or five landed in your glass of wine? You wouldn't shoo them away and then proceed to finish the glass would you? Well, not me either. I know why too, because you wouldn't even have fruit flies in your house would you? Yah, not me either! Let's just forget about the glass of wine.

So, does anybody know how to get rid of fruit flies, that is if I were to have them all over the house! But of course, not me.....because I don't. That's gross!

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