Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Puppy & Blankie

My Mother-in-Law was simply the best MIL anyone could ask for. I could only ask to have had her for much longer than I did.

One of the gifts Karla gave Henry is his "Puppy". All the Fisher grandchildren received a Puppy & Blankie from Grandma. I am sure many other newborns in her life received one as well!

This is a picture of Harry, my husband's puppy. Just before Karla passed away and just before Henry was born Harry appeared. We were all sitting around John & Karla's house and out comes Adam's puppy. They were trying to remember his name and at one point the name Henry came out. Adam & I were not sharing our name choice so we thought it would have been really ironic if it was really named Henry. But the puppy's name was indeed Harry.

Henry hasn't taken a serious liking to his puppy but rather his blankie. I started putting it in his crib with him when he was six months old. He has one corner that he sucks on. I admit, it's not the most pleasant smelling or looking at this point. I was it all the time. I shout it and hot water wash it regularly and it doesn't matter, it ends up not so nice after just one night. Blankie has been a must have for most of his life. I am just now trying to "forget it" or "lose it." Blankie ranks right up there in need with Mommy or Daddy when there is a tear shed.

He has an exact copy of blankie that I got just in case we lost the original. He doesn't like that one and has only a few times accepted it at night because the original was missing. Original Grandma Fisher blankie is called "Wet Blankie" uh yes, because it's wet. And then the second one is called "Soft Blankie" and has recently been called "Soft, wet blankie."

These two pictures were taken in May '08 when we were on our annual Memorial Weekend camping trip.

I took this one this morning.

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