Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend we had a little getaway for our fourth marriage anniversary. Grandma & Grandpa were kind enough to take Henry & Karley and my sister took Sophie. We left early Friday morning to drive three hours North so we could drop the kids off and then drove another hour and a half in another direction to Minnesota's port city of Duluth. I have a few aunts and uncles that live on the West End, one of whom was celebrating her 85th birthday. So we stopped for a quick visit with family. I didn't capture a picture of her because we were a little on the late side. Why? Well, we had a little bridge closed detour and decided to take an old logging road to get back on the right track. Oh, and yes, I have tree scratches on my "bus" compliments of the great north woods. Anywho.....we shopped, had hors' d' oeuvres, shopped, checked into our hotel and then had a really nice dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant on Canal Park. Their wine list was two inches thick. A little daunting for sure!

We were so looking forward to sleeping and relaxing. You would think that would be easy to come by on a Saturday morning when you don't have your three little kids. You might think that, but we were lucky enough to, unknowing, get a room next to the dish washing room. The hotel offeres complimentary breakfast and complimentary clinking, clanking and plate dropping at 7:00 AM.

We decided to do a little more shopping and then took a drive up the north shore. Even though I have been to Duluth a million zillion times as a kid I had never been up the north shore. Well, I was 13.1 miles from Canal Park, one time, but that was the farthest. Anyway, off we went. On our drive we saw a ship coming in. This brought back memories from my childhood when my sister and I would go to Duluth with our Grandparents. If we would see a ship come in we would beg them to drive down to Canal Park so we could watch the lift bridge go up. Such fun. As I reminisced Adam & I turned our drive into a scouting mission for our kids. I took a few pictures of some of the things we could come back next summer and show them.

We pulled over at the Glenshien Manson and took this picture. There is a story about this mansion, I can't remember it exactly. Upon my repeated request my Grandma would tell me the story over and over. You think I would remember for as many times as she told it to me. Something about some rich people (back in the day) and a murder. Is that right? There is a tour of the mansion that we should probably really take. We decided we would keep on making our way up the scenic route.

We made it to Two Harbors and found this. In the summer there are tours of the Edna G Tugboat. We wondered if it went through the Iron Ore Docks? That would be interesting. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture but there are train cars on the top of this platform.

Just a little walk away from the docs you will find this lighthouse. There are tours of this as well.

There were a few other little things to see and a few shops as well. And then when we decided to leave we found Bambi walking the streets of Two Harbors. The mailman was delivering the mail, we were driving through and Bambi was looking for an apple tree.

This is the, uh, forget the name....ship that you can take tours of???? In any case, you can take tours and this time of year it's all spooky scary so we decided we would just take a picture and call it good.

We ended our night at a little steak house called Pickwick. The room we ate in was so very toasty warm, I absolutely loved it. About half through our meal I saw the chef churning the white hot coals from of the oven. Ahhh....that's why I liked the steaks and why we were so warmed to the core.

Actually, we made one more stop....Fond du Luth. Not a fan. Not so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with Fond du Luth. It's a casino operated by local Native Americans. The long and the short of why I don't like it. I'm just not a fan of this kind of gambling. I do like to make the occasional bet with my husband. Like on our way home we almost put a wager on whether or not we could make it three towns to get gas or one. (I should have bet because I won by far!) I digress. But I am not a fan of the slots. I am also not a fan of the smell. Let's just say, my eyes hurt, my lungs hurt, my clothing stunk and my hair smelled. ISH

Sunday we did a little more shopping. Did you wonder why all the shopping? We have a birthday next week! We did a little scouting for that too! Then we drove an hour and a half to pick up the littles and then three more hours home!

We had a wonderful weekend! So many thanks to Gram, Grandpa, Auntie "Ton a", Hailey and Hannah! We couldn't have done it without you!
Most importantly, I want to say how much I love my husband! How blessed I am to have met him, married him and have three beautiful children with. I am so glad that we our on this journey together. I thank God for him everyday! I love you Adam!

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