Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cosmic Night Out

I am so tardy with this post. I've been trying to get myself a little more organized around the house and haven't quite figured out a good time to dedicate to posting. It works this Saturday morning because everybody is still sleeping. Husband is not off to work as usual! Good for him and good for us! We miss him!

Last Friday night we went out for Chris's 40th birthday! Happy Birthday Chris! My Mom drove her little SUV three hours to for an overnight to play with her grandchildren and give us a night out. We are so glad that she was able to come and help us out and the kids were really happy to play with their Gram!

We went to one of our local restaurants, Axel's. I call it local, even though it's about 20 minutes away. When you live out in the middle of corn and bean fields anything 20 minutes away is local or you're our neighbor. We had some appetizers and a glass of wine. How nice to sit and enjoy a peaceful meal with my husband where we could talk without interruption. Except of course, for somebody to ask how we were doing if we needed anything more. Wow! We need to do that more often.

Then we headed over to wish Chris Happy Birthday and join the gang in some Cosmic bowling.

This was obviously a mistake picture but there was something about it that I thought was kind of cool.

It was really supposed to be this. Adam and Lisa. You may know Lisa as a guest celebrity of our local radio station KQ. I'm not going to give up her on air name....but some of you may recognize her if you've ever been out to Vegas with the show.

Here's Connie....the pro bowler of our tour.

And this picture...why does it look like he's so high? Well, because it's "High Tower".

And this guy? Have you heard his laugh? Let me just tell you...Wooggie has a very contagious laugh!

Huh? He beat me?

And again? I tried so hard! I've got it!

I think I win total pins!

And here's my perfect form...bowling form that is!

It was a really cosmic night! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Morrissette's!

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