Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Henry's First Dentist Visit

I went in for a regular teeth cleaning and thought I'd bring Henry so he could see what it's all about before he had to get this done for himself, for real. So he watched and watched and the wonderful Pam, who cleans my teeth, was kind enough to explain to Henry what she was doing. When I was done she asked him if he wanted to come up and have a seat. He was pretty reluctant so I had him sit lay on me. She cleaned a couple of teeth and then gave him the thing to spit in clean your mouth out with, he knew just what to do! Then she cleaned a couple more and then said, "Well, I might as well keep going". I was like YEAH! It went off without a hitch! He did it no problem!

He was happy to have a new toothbrush and guess what color he picked? Yup, orange! Sweet boy!

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