Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday morning I was enjoying a quiet moment with Sophie. She just finished up her bottle, burped and was all snuggled up on my chest. It was so nice and peaceful as she was falling to sleep. I was just burning the moment into my memory. Then I hear this little buzz, buzz, buzz, noise. What is it? It stopped. Back to my memory saving. There it is again, buzz, buzz, buzz. I better get up because, you know, it's never any good right? That's right! So I walked towards the noise. There they sit....Karley with every scissor I cut with out. All eight of my EXPENSIVE hair cutting scissors all over the floor. And Henry....and the buzz noise? That would be a trimmer!

Oh wait, did I tell you we have church pictures on Saturday morning?

Yes, Henry took the trimmer to his head and here's the result.

And this would purely be my own fault because I did leave them all in a bag in the entry way. We came in at bedtime from going to my sister-in-laws for haircuts and we was preoccupied by getting the kids to bed. I left it for the next morning. I didn't think it would be the next morning after my almost three year old gave himself a haircut.

Sophie, our dear sweet Sophie.....she slept almost all day yesterday. With exception to waking to be feed and changed this was it. Not on Daddy as you see here but never the less, she slept. I had to keep checking in on her to make sure she was okay.

This is a picture from last week. She is getting more head control. She sits on my lap and just looks around taking it all in. I feel like the newborn stage is pretty much over. She has lost a lot of that brand new baby feel. She's in clothing that is 3-6 months and it really can't be just 3 months as it's too short. I took her to the doctor at the beginning of the week. She was 12 lbs 5 oz which is 90% and 24 inches which is 95%. No wonder the 3 month clothing is too short. All of my babes moved through the clothing really fast. By one they were in 2T but managed to stay there until almost three (so far).

Karley Janie....she's just been so lovely lately. She has been talking more and more. She tries to say everything and does a pretty good job. It's just such a fun age right now for her. I'd have to say it is my favorite so far, the 18 mo to 2.5 range. We'll be moving her to a "big girl" bed soon. We had Henry in one by this age but with a new baby we weren't ready to tackle bed time issues. I am thinking in January but honestly I am ready to do it now. And that's kind of what happened with Henry....I just brought the bed upstairs one day, took the crib down and that was that. This time is Henry & Karley share a room so that could be a little problematic all on it's own. Just last night when they were in bed, I was outside the door and heard Henry say to Karley, "Karley, what should we do?". about go to sleep! There could be a huge adjustment so I am not really ready to tackle this yet.

My Wonderful Husband, what has he been up to? Well, when not busy at one or say three of his work projects (yes, he is that busy!), he spends with the kids reading. They so love Daddy to read to them. He usually reads a bed time book. I'm with Sophie rocking or getting ready for bed of some sort unless she wants to listen and then we all pile in on Henry's bed and listen to, "Five Little Lady Bug's"

And when he's not doing that....he is doing this.

And me? What have I been up to lately? Well, I've been trying to limit my computer time. I feel like it robs me of precious time with my kiddos. I have had to get my priorities a little bit more clear in the last couple of days. I have so many things that need to be done. Little things like baby books, picture editing, mail, projects and then there are things like laundry, cleaning and all that business. Plus I've started a Bible study on the book of James. I am completely loving it!

We hope to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend as it's been raining or snowing and cold almost every day. It's supposed to warm up to mid 50's this weekend so we better hurry up and get there!

That's lately....what have you been up to lately? Give me a shout in my comments to let me know how your October is going!


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