Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay here's my quickie Not Me! Monday....I am trying to stay on top of things around here! All goes much smoother that way! Not me! Comes from MckMama and you can head on over to her blog and view ALL the Not Me! Monday posts and today you can comment if you don't have a blog and win a crown from here. Just click here and join in!

We were rushing out the door so I could make my first of three doctor appointments for the week....and I quickly (is this a theme here?) made the kids lego waffles for breakfast. And no, they weren't the frozen ones because I, of course, always make mine from scratch. I would never serve frozen waffles. Not me! But anyway, I popped another one in the toaster (because it's just that easy) since Henry wanted more. I knew he wouldn't eat it so I thought I'll just eat it on the way in the car and then I won't waste it. Of course with kids and their food....we never waste. Not me! So off we go. Upon my return I see the waffle peeking it's head out of the top of the toaster. Ya, I forgot all about it. Well, it was lunch time so I just re-heated it and whola...lunch! Wait a second, that might be gross, I'd never re-heat a frozen waffle that had been sitting in the toaster for three hours and call it lunch. Ya, Not Me!

For most of the last three years we've pretty much have had two kids in diapers at one time. And you know, I never get busy and caught up with whatever might be going on around here. That being said, there's no way I would be able to tell you that if you let your child sit in a diaper too long it will crystallize. Not me! Somebody must have told me that happens. I've never actually seen something like that! Not me!

Remember my last week post? The fruit flies? I went totally nuts over this. I did a little research and took advice from many of you. And I certainly wouldn't have to resort to this.....

Can you tell what this is? Because it never really got bad or anything! This didn't happen to me. Not me!

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Have a great week!

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