Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here's my quick Not Me! Monday post. I didn't really brand anything in my mind as I did for last week. But I'll give it a whirl in hopes of a great prize over at MckMama's blog . If you didn't already know...she's the creator of Not Me! Monday's.

In efforts to get out the door early on Saturday morning, so we could get to my sister's early, I did not spend my alone time in the wee hours editing pictures and posting them on my blog. Not me! I knew that I had a lot of things to get together so we could leave by 8:00 am, I wouldn't "waste" my time bliggity blogging instead of getting ahead of the game for the day. I know better.

AND I am not doing the same thing right now, when the house is in dire need of some laundry and picking up nevermind the actually cleaning that needs to be done.

AND because I never seem to be distracted I would never make myself a "chore chart" and be all excited about it only to have it abanded by the second day. Not me! I mean really...if I was going to make this stupid chart you'd think I'd at least follow it right? Ya, Not me! I should know myself a little better by this point huh? Well, you never know, I might just use it yet.

My fish, the five we've had for quite some time now, never get neglected either. Not me! I always remember to feed them on time (as written on the chore chart).

Uh oh...neglecting the fish reminded me that the dog ran away (yes, again) and she's been gone for a few hours now...I better go.....

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