Friday, October 2, 2009


This is Harry. I mentioned him here first. He is my husband's puppy from 32 years ago. My late Mother-in-Law, Karla, saved it all these years. Harry was brought out from a closet in her house just before Henry was born and we took him home to live with us.

I found the tag on Harry for one of my readers, it says, Product of Dankin & Co San Francisco, CA.

My Mother-in-Law bought this puppy for Henry. Actually, my sister-in-law bought the puppies and brought them home to my MIL. See it was too hard for Karla to get anywhere just before Henry was born. She was coming to the end of her short life, no thanks to liver cancer. So her daughter went out and got a few special items for her soon to be sixth grandchild. She would then "shop from home" and my SIL would return whatever didn't work. The puppy and the blankie I mentioned previously were just a couple of those special items. I'll post about what the other special item was and how it was a gift to us even after she passed away.

In any case, Harry is very similar to Henry's puppy. Probably as similar as you could get 29 years later. It's a TY puppy.

And this puppy, which you will almost always see with Karley was also from my Mother-in-Law. Daphne (SIL) just didn't have the heart to return it especially knowing we were going to have more children.
It's Karley's absolute favorite. It goes with us everywhere. When she tires from carrying it, I do.

Sophie has her blankie and Auntie Daffy is on the lookout for just the right puppy in honor of Grandma Fisher.

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