Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Better Late Than Never

We didn't get to the pumpkin carving until Hallo's eve...but better late than never right? I think so! The rest of blogger world will be on to something else but I will be back on Halloween. Bear with me and enjoy!

We carved the pumpkins promptly after dinner and Miss Soph was fast asleep.

They have seen the inside of a pumpkin before but a year ago has long since been in their memories as you can see.

It was fun to watch the kids dig their hands in the goo of pumpkin. They did quite well. I think they were determined to get the seeds out so we could cook them up that night and guess what? They loved them!

Ahhh, it didn't last long though....cars were calling their names.

Good thing Daddy is a good sport! Anyway, I think Sophie must have awoke by this time...he he he. Thanks for finishing up Hunny!

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