Monday, November 9, 2009

Henry's 3rd Birthday Part 1

I was going to say that I baking Thursday morning but I don't think I did, wait....yes I did.  I'm telling you, my brain is fried.  I did bake the cake Thursday morning and I let the kids eat the beaters for breakfast.  Why not?  Didn't you eat the beaters?  I thought so.  So here's he is birthday eve morning.

When Daddy got home we loaded up and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  It was against our better judgment to bring our three littles to a germ (H1N1??) infested playground.  Since it was his birthday we did it anyway.  I must admit the whole time I was thinking about how germy it might have been.  I tried to tell myself, "Who would bring their sick kids out???  It will be okay!"  And it was, thankfully! 

Henry had a blast.  He totally "got" the slide the money in the slot thing and the ride/game starts up.  He wasn't afraid of the moving rides as he has been in the past.  It was so fun to watch him.  My big little boy.

Wait....don't scroll down!  I must tell you that I was super excited to make my first two-tier cake.

Don't scroll

I thought I would put a raspberry gel filled center in it and I would decorate it so cute.  You know, like i am baker, but let's just say it didn't turn out nearly as nice as the rainbow cake or anything else I've seen dear Amanda create.  And Amanda said to me as I was soliciting her advice on the cake was it won't matter because it's from mommy.  Well, she was right, Henry isn't a cake expert but looking back (as I hope to get better) he'll probably laugh and probably even harder when you see the cake for the party.  Anywho...scroll it is.  Remember, it tasted better than it looked!

We got home late and tried to put the kids straight to bed and bypass the cake and presents.  Yes, I know, that's bad.  It was after all his birthday!  No worries, they weren't going to bed without cake.  But little H was perfectly happy with opening his presents in the morning.  What a relief! 

I must say,Thursday night after I decorated my beauty of a cake I went to H's room and just cried.  He's just not a baby anymore.  It makes me sad to even think of it now.  I am excited for him to be more independent, learn more things, and to be able to do more with him.  At the same time, I am sad he's not little anymore.  It's such a bittersweet feeling.

More pictures from the party on Part 2.

Have great day!

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