Monday, November 23, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Over the weekend we went to the local hot spot Mudd Lake Furniture Store.  To say it's a furniture store is a little deceiving because they not only sell furniture but they also sell fun things to add to your home.   When I was there previously for a MckGathering I spied some really nice green canisters.  I've been thinking that would be nice to have some old school canisters on my counter-top.  But they were gone, so  I decided on a house warming gift for a friend.  I can't post a picture of it now but perhaps just prior to her moving into her new log home!

I really wanted to go this weekend because Santa was paying a visit to Mudd Lake.  I was all over this idea because I knew it would be the picture perfect place to get a snap shot with the man in red.  Not to mention being able to avoid lines and all the rigamaroll (sp) of say any mall.  This was just the place for me us.

Henry was amazing!  He loved Santa.  Had a conversation with him!  I think he is starting to get the idea that Santa is going to bring presents down the chimney as he has asked, "Where is Santa going to drop the presents?"

I think Henry was telling Santa that he is two....he forgets he is now three.  I also think he wants to still be two!

Or wait...maybe he wants to be four?

Sugar Pie did a great job!

She's happy!

But this little Muffin.  Not so much. 
She immediately cried when she saw Santa.
There wasn't any way to get her near him.

My nieces are old pros when it comes to Santa.

They even made lists.

We did a little shopping.... 
Muffin came around....
a little.
This was as close as she would get.

Rather, this was as close as she would get...
with help from Gram.

You might be able to tell, I was hoping to get a Christmas card picture and maybe I did.  We'll see.  I hope to capture a better picture.  Just in case I don't I'll hold off sharing any more of our Mudd Lake adventure. 

It was a beautiful day!

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