Monday, November 30, 2009

Wow! My Pictures!

I wanted to share the wonderful talents of my friend Erin. She does photography out of her home in Elk River and is very reasonably priced! Very!!! She can tell you about her specials. I know how hard it can be to shuffle your kids in and out of places like ( know, in the mall). This was pretty relaxing and I just wanted to share because it was so nice and I am in love with these photos!

I brought my kids there today and was able to view the pictures this afternoon. As she gets busier that may not always be the case but she seems pretty timely!

We were there a little over an hour and Henry wanted to stay! Look at all these pictures! The great thing about this? She is sending me a CD in the mail along with a "rights" letter. This means I will be able to pick which pictures I want, whenever I want, to print them. And as many! Oh, and I decide where to print. How convenient it that?

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