Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 1

I am going to join MamaBear in her carnival of Twenty-Five Days of Christmas.  You are welcomed to join and share your ornaments and the story behind them.  Maybe there isn't a story but you just like them.  More than likely I won't be able to come up with 25 ornaments nor will I be able to post everyday.  I'll just do what I can, story of my life!

The very first thing I unpack from my Christmas boxes is our Nativity Set.  The first Christmas that my husband & I were together my Mother-in-Law, Karla, gave me most of the pieces of this Nativity Set.  She finished it out over my birthday and the next Christmas.  I'd never had a set before and thought that it would be nice to have one especially since I knew in my heart that I would marry Adam and we'd start a family.  I must have mentioned it to her that it would be nice to have a set.  My heart was extremely touched when I opened it on Christmas Day 2004 as I knew there would be Christmas's to come that my husband's wonderful mother wouldn't be with us.  So not only do I think of our Heavenly Mother and Child, I think of our Earthly Mother and her child, my husband.


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