Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bacon

I spend a lot of time yesterday e-mailing Laura, reading Carrie's Pocket Your Dollars Blog, reading the Rainbow ad, loading coupon printer, printing, cutting, highlighting, making my list and checking it twice.  And guess what?  I saved my husband's bacon.  It was all worth it.  Bob, who checked me out, who rang me up at Rainbow, even said, "You did a good job".

Wanna see? 

So to recap: 

I spent $70.51 on 64 items (and they were things that I would normally buy, or maybe not normally, because I wouldn't *spend* the money to buy them.)  In other words, keeping true to our buying we rarely buy box meals.  As you can see the exception would be cakes and cereal.  But for the most part we don't, so I didn't.

I had a total savings of $83.03. 

You can figure that I spend about $1.00 per item or got a lot for free!!!!  I even got D I A P E R S!

Do I rock?  Well, kind of?!  But who really ROCKS.....Carrie Rocha!

I expect to do this every Wednesday and I know I'll get better and it will be faster getting it all together.  I did buy three items without coupons.  Two were still on sale and one was a treat for the kids, because man, did they ROCK letting me rock on with my, "Saving My Husband's Bacon" self.

If you do this already, or if you start, please share with me your bad saving bacon self stories!

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