Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Daddy

Adam David

My Husband

is.... one true love. amazing father to our three children.

...has what I call an old school work ethic.  He works extra so I don't have to work outside of our home.  He does this for me and our littles. 

...leaves our house in the middle of then night to push snow.  Then he goes to his regular job and quite often goes right back out for "clean up" on the lots he maintains.  Often times he doesn't have enough time to come home and sleep which all means he goes at least 36 hours, sometimes more, without sleep. late, works on the weekends, and takes on extra projects. 

...has misses birthday parties, Christmas's with my family due to snow, parades, beach days and other things all so our kids don't have to go to daycare. 


...he does all this with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

...he changes diapers, sleeps on chair with sick kids, rocks them, bathes them, takes all three on errands (ages, 3, 1 & 3 months) and thinks nothing of it.

....has been known to cook dinner for me & the kids, grocery shops on a regular basis, does dishes, vacuums, cleans the bathroom, the garage (now that's his domain anyway as he'd prefer me not to), hangs pictures, organizes the basement, cuts the lawn, trims the trees, hangs Christmas lights, and takes care of the dog.

...he fixes everything, really!  He maintains all our vehicles (okay, the only thing he doesn't fix is his diesel engine) has been known to put his own fix the following: alternator, brakes, fuel pump, oil changes, rotate tires, of course, he does his own body work, really anything that comes to the vehicles, including the skid loader (this requires even more maintenance) and dump truck.

....he re-models our home, fixes the floor when it rots all the way through, takes the toilet off when the kids stick toys in it, tiles our bathroom, moves a entire laundry room, wires up an outside hot tub, fixes a pump on the hot tub, patches the roof, shovels snow, plows our driveway and builds a huge swing set in our hilled backyard.

...he found Dino, painted, and installed him in the playground.

....plays with our kids, takes them fishing, reads them books, brushes their teeth, gets them dressed.

..he's a good neighbor, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, friend, father & husband.

...he's generous, giving, true to his word, honest and fair.

...he's my Wonder Hubby.

....he's the kid's Wonder Daddy.

...he's Adam David and I absolutely love him!

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