Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bunches O' Stuff

I've had all these ideas of different posts that I've want to do.  Different things I've want to say.  Time has once again gotten away from me.  You probably didn't notice but I totally didn't get my Halloween pictures/post up, missed the boat on Turkey Day and now we are fast approaching Christmas.  I'm behind and I have books and calendars that are going to take up my time on the computer.  All of which is a back burner to my day to day life.  My kids.  At least it should be.  Sometimes I get to wrapped up in this computer (blog, facebook and twitter).  I mean really?  What am I doing? 

So here's one long (sorry) post about a few things.

The first is a blog that I wanted to mention.  It's Sugar Pie Farmhouse.  She doesn't post that often, usually about once a week and they are generally pretty long but this one post really hit home for me.  Please share if you like the post or if you already read Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

Here's the post:

This another post that hit my heart.  It's from Amanda, I am sure some of you already know her!  She's wonderful.

I won a great t-shirt from Lollipop Tees, LLC through a giveaway at Kelly's blog.  I ordered at 2T since my kids blow through the baby sizes.  This way Sophie would be able to wear it longer.  Wouldn't this be a fun Christmas gift?  Big thanks for Kelly & Sarah!

I had a contest a while back, remember?  Caribou or Starbucks?  As you probably know, I changed the title of my blog.  It's all new to me to have a "common" last name.  At the same time the name Fisher makes you think of two things, Fisher Nuts and Fisher Price.  So I went with My Priceless Fishers.  I almost did Nuts about my Fishers but Big Daddy thought it as long and he liked My Priceless Fishers better so I went with that.  But we did draw out of a hat a random winner for you all that tried to help me out.

I guess she thinks it's a secret!

Congratulations Amy O!  She surely deserves a little pick me up with six kids!  Amy's newest was born within days of Sophie!  Amy, let me know if you'd prefer Caribou or Starbucks and I'll get that out to you!  Many thanks to all of you who commented and racked your brain for me.  I think it's hard to come up with these blog handles!

Let's see what else?

I also want to thank Paul Krumrei my high school friend who helped me immensely on the new layout of my blog.  He put up with many e-mails and facebook IM's about HTML code and where to put it and everything else I question him about.  He is a photographer and a Software Development Manager (who happens to be looking for work).  Thanks a ton Paul!  UPDATE:  Congrats!  He just got a job!


I would also like to thank Kelly for doing my blog header.  I love it Kelly!  She also made my Christmas cards!  You totally rock Mama_Ox!

I love my blog friends!  All you all!  You are all rock stars!

One favor of you Rock Stars....can you join me in prayer for Baby R?

I think that's about all the quick catching up I have. 

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate it!

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