Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

I've missed doing "Photo of the Day" so  I've decided to re-visit it.  One of the stumbling blocks I had was that there wasn't one place that to share the experience.  The couple of people that did this with me already had sites, I started the blog and then there was facebook.  I think we needed one place.

I've since discovered the world of flickr, where we can all post our photo of the day.  I started a group and hope you would like to join.  The group is called, you guessed, My Priceless Fishers.  This is all new to me so there might be a few stumbling blocks along the way.  I encourage you to join and share your photo of the day.  Surely there will be days when we forget or don't feel up for it but we'll just do the best we can.  Also, we can discuss things about our pictures and hopefully learn from each other. 

Here were some tips given to me on my first go around:
Tips on How to Do It

Here are five tips on how to create your own Project 365:

Bring Your Camera Everywhere

Yes, everywhere. Get in the habit. Grocery stores, restaurants, parties, work, and school. Going to a movie theatre? Snap a pic of the flick with your phone–there are photo-ops everywhere. If you have one of those tiny tiny cameras, you have no excuse not to have it in your pocket all the time. And if you don’t? Camera phones are a great substitute.

Vary Your Themes

Try to capture the day’s events in a single photo. Perform photographic experiments. Take a photo of someone new you meet, something you ate for the first time, or something you just learned how to do. Take a photo of something that made you smile. And don’t forget to take a photo of yourself at least once a month so you can remember how you’ve changed, too.

Tell a Story

Use your blog entry, or your photo description, to explain what’s going on in each day’s photograph. How good did that dinner taste? What made you want to take a photo of that stranger? It’ll help you remember down the road, and it gives friends following along a better appreciation of why you took the photo you did. You don’t need to write a lot, just enough to add some color.

Don’t Stop, No Matter What

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. You will get tired of taking a photo every single day. Some days, you will consider giving up. Don’t. The end result is worth the effort. Remind yourself why you wanted to do it in first place.

There will be times you’ll think there’s nothing interesting left to take a photo of, and times you’ll think you didn’t do anything exciting enough to take a photo of. There’s always a great photo to be made.

Get out of the house and take a walk. Or stay inside and look around. Take a photo of something important to you. Take a photo of the inside of your house so you can see how your taste has changed over the years. Take a photo of anything, just don’t stop.

It helps if you’ve told your friends about the project and asked them to follow along. Their encouragement will keep you going!

Post early, post often

Plan on going through and posting your photos at least once a week so you don’t get backlogged and feel overwhelmed. Ideally, post every day or two. Again, spend the time up front to make sure it’s quick and easy to post. It’ll make all the difference.

Let's start January 1, 2010.  Unless of course you would like to start earlier.  There are a few pics already in the group. 

Please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail with questions, suggestions or anything else that's on your mind! :)

I will be announcing the winner of the Toys and Games Online post this evening so you have today to make your final pick if you haven't done so already!

Are you in?

I am so excited to do this!

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