Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I made a huge mistake last night.  I went to a local *huge* book store chain last night and picked up five of these cookbooks, because we all love the Pioneer Woman right?  Well, I had to put three back because they were $27.50 each.  I thought I was mistaken because I was on earlier in the week and thought they were really really cheap. 

So this morning I went on and yes, they are really cheap on  I did call the other store to see if they would price match because then I would be able to give them for Christmas gifts as I planned.  Nope, they don't but I was told I can return them.  So yes, I will return them and order from  Why not...they are $11.49 each on there.  I was limited to order three but that's okay. 

I just wanted to tell you how reasonable they are.  Maybe you have a late Chritsmas gathering like we do or maybe you, like me do a little shopping for your own stocking.  And of course you don't mind waiting for a good deal right?

Stay tuned....I have a great giveaway coming!

Have a great weekend!

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