Friday, January 8, 2010

DIY - Women's Edition

I really  intended to go to bed early last night.  But one thing, then one more, followed by yet another and it was 11:00 PM.  That's not exactly good for me, especially as I type this right now.  I could hear Sophie wrestling around in her crib.  She was so on my mind after the thoughts of Anne Marie and prayers for Susie.  I just had to go and get her and bring her in with me.  I should mention here that Adam was out plowing.  The last time Susie and Anne Marie were so heavy in my heart was also when Adam was out plowing, Christmas night. 

Sophie and I couldn't quite figure out how to sleep together.  She's such a wonderful sleeper on her own I worried that I would be in her way.  She still loves her arms up with her hands by her ears.  I so cherish this.  I never want that to stop even though I know one day it will. 

We figured it out and we finally slept.

Until Adam came home.  2:30 AM.  I heard him going downstairs and then to the kitchen.  Is he making a pizza?  Is that what he was doing downstairs?  No.  He repeated going up and down.  Then I knew what it was.  I knew when I talked to him on the phone at 10:00 PM my feeling of it being drafty in the house wasn't just me, it was drafty in the house.  Our furnace was out.  It was cold, very cold outside.  Adam was manually starting the furnace.  Then it would run for a short time and then go out again.  Now what?  Well, he crawled in with the other two kids and I snuggled up with my Sugar Pie Sophie.  He'll have to wait to fix it in the morning.

I awoke when Adam was leaving for work.  He asked if I would go get the part for the furnace and install it.  WHAT?  Me, install something that goes in a furnace?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  It's the furnace.

I immediately thought of my sister.  I knew I could do it.  I even wondered if I could trump* her.  It's the furnace after all.

Adam continued to manually start the furnace for as long as he was here and then we were without heat, well, not entirely.  But it was all up to ME to get it comfortable in here!  We made do.  Once all the kids were up I moved the space heater into our room.  I made homemade blueberry muffins (anything to add a little heat) and we had a picnic.

When we left the house this was the temperature.  Inside is on the upper right corner.  Outside is the large number front and center!

I took the part I was replacing and off we went to Countyside Heating and Cooling.  Who I might add have quite the selection of fireplaces and customer services was superb!

We made one more stop for some paint.  That, I hope, will be another post.  Then home to fix the furnace.

Here's the sadness of our freezing.

Here's the part.

This is the beauty of heat.

Wrap her back up.

So where's the DIY in this post?  Get the part, screw two screws back in, plug the white thing in the thing and then turn the furnace on.  Oh, and don't forget, per Countryside, "Do not touch the ceramic filter". 

Pretty simple.

*Dear sister:  You still hold the lead of changing the tire on your jeep with Krista's spare tire while your kids, Krista and her kids, watched.  Oh, and I didn't forget, this was at the hotel, by the airport on the day night you got back from Orlando.  {bowing down}

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