Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am 39.  One more year until the big 40.  I can hardly believe it.  The time goes by so fast.  It seems as if I was just graduating high school.  I don't really care about the number anymore.  My only wish is to be young enough for my kids.

The first big bonus to the day was that Adam didn't go to work.  That always makes for a nice day for the kids and I.  We brought Sophie to my friend Susan's for the morning while we took the big kids to see Elmo's In Your Imagination  at the Target Center.  I was so excited to see how Karley would react to seeing something so theatrical with a cast of characters she recognizes.  She sat on Daddy's lap almost the entire time.  I could see how excited she was when Elmo first came out but Adam later told me that when a character would leave she would get sad and cry a little and ask where they went.  How sweet she is. 

{I must remember that she is emotional, more emotional than Henry is.  I wonder, will Sophie be like this?  Is this a girl thing?} 

We had an excellent time.  I wanted to take Sophie but we decided against it as she's at a stage where a lot of stimulation like that makes her cry and she is startled easily.  So it was nice for us that Susan was available and willing.  Thank you Susan!

We made it home for naps and then went to Menard's to get a few items for the play room we are making for the kids.  Thank you sweet husband of mine for having the abilities to make and fix things!  This will alleviate my stress of toys that have overtaken our home.  I might actually be able to walk in the living room!  Take out Chinese for dinner.  Bed for kids and then we sat down to watch the movie. We bagged the movie about 10 minutes in.  I went on to edit pictures from the day and Adam started looking for a camper for us.  I so hope we get one.  I love camping.  I love camping.  I love camping.

On my birthday I think a lot of my own mother.  A few times I've sent flowers to my Mom on my birthday.  I thank my Mom & Dad, but truthfully more my Mom, for making the decisions she made.  I thank my paternal grandparents for the choices they made.  My Mom was young, very young when she had me.  Seventeen.  I think, she might have been sixteen when she found out she was pregnant, turned seventeen in June, had me in January and then the following June would have turned eighteen.  Is that right?  She had choices and I know her own parents didn't make keeping a baby an easy choice, to say the least.  My Mom and Dad married and lived with my Dad's parents.  I was born.  In 1971.  Thing were a lot different.  My Grandpa had to ask the small town (I mean small) school principal to allow my Mom to continue high school.  They did.  1971.  Not usual.  My Dad got a job and did not go to college which he would have excelled in.  He kept that job for 38 years and just retired.  All these choices were for me.  I can't help but cry (I do that a lot lately).  My parents were brave.  They faced hard choices when they were so young.  I thank them.  I love them for what they did for me. 

So my birthday isn't just for me or about me.  It's also about the day that they brought a baby into this world.  They started learning about parenthood.  They, at such a young age, gave up dreams and goals they had, to raise me. 

She chose life. 

She gave me my life. 

I think about giving birth to my own children.  I think about being in the hospital with them. 

So, on my birthday and the days following, I thank my young parents and my young grandparents, for welcoming me into this world. 

Thank you wonderful husband for making my day so special, thank you kids for being my kids, thank you Mom and Dad and thanks to Grandparents!

I love you all!

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