Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You A Runner?

Last Saturday night I meet a few (Holly, Laura, Jolene & CM) blogging Mom's out for dinner and some awesome conversations.  Laura got there at 6:00 PM and Laura, Jolene and I left at 12:15 AM.  YIKES!  That was one long night of a lot of fun!  It was great to meet CM!  We all were talking about exercising or running or something. 

CM asked me if I was a runner. 

{Ah, well, hmmm, am I a runner?  Well, not really because I have yet to run anywhere since uh, well, hmmm, let's see before I got pregnant with Sophie (that would be over a year ago).  It's been too cold to run outside lately and the roads have been icy near my house.  Hmmm....the treadmill belt is broken and even though my husband keeps asking me if I've ordered the belt because he'll put it on for me, no, it hasn't been ordered.}

All that in a few split seconds.  Meanwhile what to answer? 

{I do have big plans to be a runner.  You know, because my sister is running Grandma's Marathon in June and we've always thought it would be nice to run together in the race.  I ran the 1/2 Marathon back in like 2001 errr something like that.  She ran the 1/2 the last two years in a row.  Now she's taking the big plunge.  I said I would run the 1/2.  I haven't signed up *yet*.  What am I waiting for?}

Back to the question..."Are you a runner?"  My answer, "Uh, in my head I'm a runner".  Yes, in my head I'm a runner but my legs would beg to differ.

I was lazy lazy yesterday.  Spent too much time on the computer. {Still no twitter or facebook}  But I was looking up running things.  Getting inspired.  Shedding my excuses {can't find the MP3 player, need an iPod, too cold, too icy (well, those are a little bit legit aren't they?), can't get out of bed, can't find my running watch, need new shoes, uh, what else?}. 

I've come to the end of the line. 

I got up and worked out this morning.  I registered for Grandma's 1/2 Marathon.  I'll find out if I got in next week.  Even if I don't get in I'll sign up for another one some friends from my old salon are running in July.  I have to have a goal otherwise I'll slide.  Whereas with a goal of a 1/2 marathon each day brings me closer to the goal and I can't miss otherwise I won't be able to make it. 


While this is not actually me {I know, the missing bagel belly tipped you off} because I don't live by what looks like the ocean, I am hoping I look something like this before summer.  Or at least feel better about how I do look and feel.  I think my ticker will appreciate some exercising as heart disease runs rampant in my Mom's family.  I also had my cholesterol checked after Karley and it wasn't good.  I have some changes to make.

The party is over. 

A new leaf has started.  REALLY!

I have to be up to 3 miles by March 30.

So, are you a runner?  Do you run races?  When do you run?  If you have kids, before kids wake or after they are in bed?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sophie at Six Months

My baby turned six months old!
She had her well baby check last week.
Want to see how big she is?

She's 28.5 inches tall, which is over 100%.
She weighs 18 pounds 2 ounces, which is 90%.
Her head circumference is 17 inches and that's 75%.

This height comes as no surprise to me as she's wearing 18 month clothes!

She likes to hold the sippy cup and chew on it but hasn't really got the hang of drinking from it.  I've also given her one with a straw as Karley learned from the straw before the typical sippy cup.

A few of the new things she has been doing:  Rubbing her eyes when she's tired, screaming when she doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something, she's been sitting better and better everyday, and she's taking a short (doesn't really like it) bath with big sister and brother.

She's eating crackers and puffy melt in your mouth snacks.

She loves to wake between 5:00 and 5:30 AM and talk away.  We love this baby talk even if she beats the rooster up.

She loves her excer-saucer and can twirl around like nobody's business.

She loves to suck her toes.

She absolutely loves Mommy and would prefer to be in my arms all the time.  Strangers make her cry, as do family (sorry Auntie Tonya) and friends.  I am oh so thankful she still likes Daddy.

She adores Henry and Karley.  If she's not with me, she loves to watch what they are doing. 

Without a doubt, what makes me smile the most is when Henry and Karley play with her.  I love to hear them all laughing, giggling and screaming of joy.

Happy Six Month Birthday Sweet Sophie Marie!

We love you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last week we had a playdate with Holly and her two precious babes, Charlie and Cori. We all really enjoy when they come over. It's always a full day which is so nice. The kids play really well together and Charlie never wants to leave. Holly and I, well, I think we could talk forever!

We know each other in part because our husbands have known each other since they were boys and also in part because it's a small community in which we live. Sounds funny to say because we live miles apart, but out this way, even though we are miles apart I like to call ourselves country neighbors.

Cori was born five days before Sophie but you wouldn' t guess it by looking at those pictures.  Remember I said we have big babies?!  Adam came home early that afternoon and got a glimpse of how much Cori moves around.  She was rolling all over the place and was even trying to get up to a sitting position!  Henry and Sophie are twins born 33 months apart, neither one will roll over.  Sophie has only once.  Good thing I got a picture of that.  We joke that they are both like our dog who won't roll over to save her life.

Be Blessed!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Focus

My Lenten journey is going very well.  I've rather enjoyed being off Facebook and Twitter.  I spend way less time on the computer.  What I thought was a quick tweet was actually a lot of time ready tweets by others and that's really the same for Facebook.  While these social media outlets are great, especially for a SAHM, it has proven to be much time away from my SAHM purpose. 

Getting back to basics has become my theme lately.  Not only am I getting back to basics with how much I am not "plugged in" but I also am going to move my Photo of the Day back onto my blog.  I wasn't very timely on getting my own pictures on there and really there wasn't very much participation and that's okay.  It's still something I would like to do but better.  The whole idea is for me to make sure I am taking pictures on a regular basis of my children as well the "things" that are a part of our silly life.  All of which will be easier in one spot as it was in the beginning, on my blog.

One of the other things I've been thinking of is the direction I want this blog to take.  Or maybe just re-affirming the direction it has been meant to take.  This started as a place to house my Photo of the Day Challenge which was great.  Then I discovered this whole new world and just how many people blog.  I also would have never thought that people make a living off this silly business of blogging.  Yet, that they do and some rather successfully.  Me, no.  Not something I've ever think I will.  I say think because I guess if somebody mailed me a check I'd cash it as long as there weren't any strings attached.  That's a whole 'nother subject *strings*.  So until somebody wants to pay me for pictures of of my MESSY kitchen, I am going to stick to what the purpose was and the new focus I have.

What is my new focus?  So glad you asked.  I am intent on making books for my kids.  I don't scrapbook and probably never will.  I am going to turn out at a couple of books something like this:
  • One for each child on their birthday (a little catch up is needed here)
  • One for me on the anniversary of my blog (May).  I will probably have the same book printed a couple of times. 
When I had Henry I so wanted to know what I was like as a baby, so I am lucky enough that I can just ask my Mom.  I also would like to know what Adam was like as a baby.  Was he a big baby like our kids?  When did he eat?  What did he eat?  When did he roll over, sit, crawl, or walk?  Unfortunately, I can't ask Adam's Mom and I haven't been able to see his baby book.  I want the books for my kids to be extensions of their baby books.  I want them to know and see how they interacted with each other, the fun things we did, the places we travel to, etc.  So my blog will be focused on things I think they would like to know.  There will be other "bloggy things" as well, you know just for kicks!  Those will be for me and maybe they will be part of the book or maybe not.  We'll see.  I am sure there will be things they might find neat to know about their Mom.  Like how spastic I can be.  Well, they'll probably figure that out on their own.  Be prepared, in getting back to the basics, I will also be sharing how it really is.  (You know, like the kitchen!) 

I'd also like to do a little history of our family.  I've been thinking of my Grandpa a lot lately.  I've got a great picture of my Grandpa that I need to include in "The Book".  I want to interview him for tidbits that I vaguely remember.

So there you have it....what my "unplugged" has been doing for me and in essence my family.  I also want to say thank you for all your comments on my 40 Days of Lent post.  I have made one slight adjustment to the fasting section.  I decided the Internet will be okay on Sundays.  I am on less during the week so when Adam is doing bills it's a nice time to do a couple of posts or edit pictures.

Hope you are well and be blessed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Karley's Birthday Party

A few days before Karley's actual birthday we had a little party for her at our home.  All the usuals were here expect Gram & Grandpa and Grandpa John & Grandma Sally.  Poor Gram, she had shingles and wasn't able to come.  She has been in a lot of  pain and Sophie could have gotten chicken pox from her.  We just didn't want to go through chicken pox so my Mom & Jim decided to stay home.  We knew this the Friday before the party.  Then on Saturday night my Dad (Grandpa John) called and said they weren't going to be able to make it either, he was flu like symptoms, sick.  Bummer.  My sister and her girls were the only peeps from my tribe to make it.  Missed them!

I took this picture of Karley sitting with her birthday lunch.  I didn't do any editing of this picture except for cropping.  Maybe I  could have but I thought it is pretty good as is. 

These are Karley's cousins and the two boys to her right are Karley's Godparents children.
Don't you think Adam and his sister look a lot alike?  Do you see a resemblance in Karley?

When we were singing, "Happy Birthday" to her she got a little shy. I was glad I caught this on film.  

The cake?  It was the best chocolate cake I've EVAH made.  It The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake.  I made it with special dark cocoa.  Yum, Yum.  I actually made two cakes because the first one wasn't quite enough for the pan I had.  So what did we do with all that cake?  I mean the little that was actually left over?  Even with two cakes?  Let's just say, Adam's co-workers think I'm the bomb, little do they know, I just know how to follow a recipe!  Well, most of the time!

I wasn't sure if she was going to blow the candles out since she was being so shy, but she pulled through and blew them all out, without spitting I might add!

Prior to every birthday party or baptism we've given to our kids I get a little teary eyed.  I never know when it's going to hit but it always does.  This time I was doing my hair, I just started thinking about how fast this time has gone by.  How I can't believe she's two already and it seems as if we just brought Henry home.  When in reality we've brought three babies home. She's just steps behind Henry and in some ways they are so much the same, yet in other ways I have to remind myself that she is only two. 


Is it always going to be like this?  Is she always going to be growing up faster than I realize?  I sure hope not.

One of the gifts she received were washable (thankfully washable) markers.  Off she went to color and here's what we found.  She loves to color!  I just wish not on her face! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Karley Jane.  We had a great party and are so proud to have you for our daughter.  You and your sister are the two sweetest girls!  God Bless you baby!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Karley's Birth Day

This wasn't my first look at Karley, I have another picture but wasn't sure how well it would be received.  I also have some "other" pictures that I think are pretty awesome.  I had a c-section with all three of my babies and Adam was able to take pictures of the babies peeking out from my belly.  I am sure that a picture like that would not be for all to see but I am so glad we have it.  It's really something.  My first view of Karley was over the curtain as the doctor raised held her high.  Then she was wrapped up and Adam brought her over to me.

Karley's birth was a scheduled repeat c-section for February 4, 2008.  Having a V-BAC was not an option for me becuase my pregnancies were so close together and possibly my age (although I am not positive on the age).  Also, my sister has told me that some hospitals won't do V-BAC's.  Hers does not due to liability.  I knew it might not be an option when I went in for my first OB appointment.  I also knew from my first delivery that I needed to be flexible with my idea of a "birth plan". 

Henry and Karley are fifteen months apart.  I had no idea what that would mean until about two seconds after this picture.  My new baby started to cry and my first baby was scared and he started to cry as well.  He had no idea.  He was still a baby.  By the end of my stay at the hospital he didn't cry every time she did, but almost. 

On the last morning of our stay at the hospital at about 4:30 AM I came out of the bathroom to find Karley like this.  I'll never forget this image.  It will forever be burned in my mind.  I thought she looked like she was praying. Maybe she was praying thanks that she was born to us.  I surely pray thanks she was born to us.

I have a picture of each of my babies like this picture.  One of my favorite things is seeing a baby sleep like this.  Sophie still sleeps like this.  I'll be sad when all I have are the pictures.  I hope each time I go in to tuck them into their beds that I'll see a glimpse of this baby look. 

There she is, my baby Karley Jane.  Named after her two grandmothers.  Karla Jo & Janice Marie.  One she will not meet in this life and the other she calls Gram.  I love her name.

Her arrival into this world was very uneventful other than the event itself, a scheduled c-section that went off without a hitch.  I think I may have had some regular pre-labor contractions but nothing like labor contractions.  Since we were the first c-section of the day, and had to be there at 5:30 AM, my sister came to stay with us the night before to take care of Henry.  We were very relieved things went the way they did, we had plenty of unexpected and expected surrounding Henry's birth.  This normal c-section was a quiet blessing.

Then we headed home.  About 15 minutes from the hospital and called ourselves crazy, we both said we were ready for another.  We already said our family wasn't complete yet.

The days after my Mom left were hard for me.  I wasn't supposed to be picking Henry up since he weighed more than the maximum I was supposed to lift.  What was I supposed to do?  He was still in a crib.  Still napped.  I had to get him in and out.  He still wanted Mommy.  It was a hard adjustment.  I felt I didn't have enough to go around.  Not that I didn't love them BOTH, because I for sure did.  I was just feeling guilty for taking time from Henry.  I remember one day Adam came home, I was in the bathroom bawling my eyes out.  Adam kept telling me that Henry was fine and that everything would be fine.  As he was saying this over and over and I was still crying, we looked over and Henry had just jumped on the scale {I'm sure you can figure out why.  I turned to Adam and said, "See, I'm ruining him".  We laughed and he said, "If he keeps doing this, then you might be ruining him".  We laughed some more.  Each day got easier.  I had some adjusting with two kids.  We were also lucky enough that Karley slept through the night at six weeks.   She's the best sleeper to this day! 

Our little Karley Janie born on February 4, 2008.

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo of the Day - January

If you've checked out my flickr group, you'll have noticed that I missed a lot of days.  A LOT!  Here are the days that I missed:  January 4, 7-9, 12-14, 16, 19-20, 23, 25-26, & 29.  That's a grand total of 14.  Not so good.  Thankfully for the 31 days in January to keep me over 50%! 

I just uploaded the rest of January of my photos for the month.  Take a look.  If you are interested in joining here's the original post about what Photo of the Day is all about.  Start whenever and you don't have to be an expert photographer!

Oh, and it's supposed to be fun....because if I were serious would I ever take a picture of this bomb that is what I call my kitchen?  hhhhmmmm mmmmmm!  This was my photo for January 10.  Have some fun and join in!