Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last week we had a playdate with Holly and her two precious babes, Charlie and Cori. We all really enjoy when they come over. It's always a full day which is so nice. The kids play really well together and Charlie never wants to leave. Holly and I, well, I think we could talk forever!

We know each other in part because our husbands have known each other since they were boys and also in part because it's a small community in which we live. Sounds funny to say because we live miles apart, but out this way, even though we are miles apart I like to call ourselves country neighbors.

Cori was born five days before Sophie but you wouldn' t guess it by looking at those pictures.  Remember I said we have big babies?!  Adam came home early that afternoon and got a glimpse of how much Cori moves around.  She was rolling all over the place and was even trying to get up to a sitting position!  Henry and Sophie are twins born 33 months apart, neither one will roll over.  Sophie has only once.  Good thing I got a picture of that.  We joke that they are both like our dog who won't roll over to save her life.

Be Blessed!

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