Monday, April 19, 2010

My 40 Days of Lent / Re-Cap

I thought I should re-cap on  how Lent went.  What worked and what didn't? 

Here it is:


Overall I'd say I did pretty good in the fasting area.  I am amazed at how I filled my time with more important things rather than the computer. :)  In recognition of this I currently have pretty much discontinued the use of twitter and only briefly use facebook.

  • I didn't have meat on Fridays one single time.  It required a little more meal planning and forethought which was great.  Great because I am seriously going to give meal planning a try

  • I fasted on Ash Wednesday but missed the Friday's but did fast on Good Friday. 

  • Internet....whoa...that one was hard at times but for the most part I'd say I did it.  I tweeted twice.  Once to have my friend call me so I could find my phone (I lost it and was heading out the door and desperately needed to take my phone with me), one time to enter a stupid contest I had no chance of winning.  Dumb.  Lastly, I was on facebook once to get an e-mail address from somebody.  While on I quick accepted a bunch of friend requests and got right off. 


I failed here miserably. 

  • I didn't finish my study on James.  I did get to it a couple of times, but alas, did not finish.  My bad.  I can honestly say that I don't think I will finish it in the next six months either.

  • The devotional book I decided I didn't think it was for me.  I really just didn't like the particular book. 

  • Confession.  It's on my mind a lot but still haven't gone.  My bad, again.

I say this was a success.  We still have things that we are finding to pass along but for the most part we donated all of our kids clothing that was not size appropriate.  I will only say it was a lot!  I was happy to have that task completed.  Toys, I did some toys but Sophie still plays with some of the smaller baby toys so I hung on to more toys than I thought but we will be going through those again when she is just a little bit bigger.  I'd say in the Fall we'll go through those a little more.  All in all, this was a success.  Also, now that we have our camper we can pass along all the extra stuff we've been collecting "for the camper" that we aren't going to use for the camper.  This will make for a easy move when/if we ever do!

My spare time has been filled with keeping our home cleaner, making more food from "all the way" scratch, spending more time in conversation with my husband, playing with the kids more and reading a book!  Starting May 1 my friends and I will be reading the Bible cover to cover and that will take some serious time management.  We will be on a schedule and I will not want to get behind or too far behind.  Oh, and I'm still training for a 1/2 marathon!

There it Lenten re-cap!

How was your Lent?

I don't talk to much about my faith on my blog and I doubt I've shared that we are Catholic.  Why?  Yes, why?  I've been thinking about my faith and Catholicism a lot lately, but mostly how much time I have not been devoting to the Lord.  My James study guide sits unopened for months.  Months.  The devotional book that I was going to read everyday this year has only had the pages turned a handful of times.

Why?  I know why.  The same reason why my kids have been asking me to re-fill their water cups more than one time.  The same reason my household duties never completely get done.  I don't make the most of my time.  Sure having three children three and under makes life difficult but I know deep in my heart that if I made better use of my time, things would go smoother. 

It seems as if Lent has arrived just in the nick of time.  It's not passing my by, rather Lent is already the answer to my prayers.  I just wasn't seeing very clearly.  Lucky Blessed me, I've realized it.  Lucky Blessed me, my good friend Holly opened my eyes by directing me to Kate Wicker's wonderful blog post about what she was going to do for Lent.  Then Kate showed me the way to Katie's Carnival and all the women there who are sharing their 40 days of Lent. 

I'd like to share with you, what I hope my 40 days of Lent will be like.  First maybe you wonder what Lent is all about?  If so, you can click here to learn All About Lent.  Second, why am I writing about this anyway?  That's probably a whole 'nother subject that I would like to talk about and hope to very soon.  So as not to leave you in total wonderment (is that even a word?) I am going to start putting this blog into a book and thought it best to chronicle more of what is actually going on besides long eyelashes and cute baby faces.

Here goes.

  • I will not be serving/eating meat on Fridays.  I have been known to forget and then just abandon my no meat ways for the rest of Lent.  If that does happen (and this not a pass), I will get back on track.
  • I will fast on Ash Wednesday and Fridays.
  • I will not use facebook or twitter.  Don't laugh.  This will be hard people.  This is where I can "trim the fat" with my time.  For sure!  Wish me luck!  I will still e-mail but don't be offended if I don't get back to you in a timely manner.
  • I will be limiting my Internet time in general.
  • I will not be using the Internet on Sundays.
These "sacrifices" {I quote here because this shouldn't be a sacrifice but sadly right now it is} will help me with the next section.


  • I will finish the study on James that I started months ago.  I even hope to post about what I am learning.
  • I will read my devotional book daily.
  • Confession - This is big. 
  • Donate clothing.  It's needed all the way around.
  • Donate toys.  We have excess for sure. 
I have a few other things I'd like to accomplish that don't really fit into these categories.  Things like finishing my last pregnancy journal, updating baby books, etc.  The bottom line is to make better use of my time which will in turn allow for more for my husband, kids & the Lord.

How about you?  What are doing for the Lenten season?  You can join Katie's carnival!

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