Monday, February 22, 2010

My Focus

My Lenten journey is going very well.  I've rather enjoyed being off Facebook and Twitter.  I spend way less time on the computer.  What I thought was a quick tweet was actually a lot of time ready tweets by others and that's really the same for Facebook.  While these social media outlets are great, especially for a SAHM, it has proven to be much time away from my SAHM purpose. 

Getting back to basics has become my theme lately.  Not only am I getting back to basics with how much I am not "plugged in" but I also am going to move my Photo of the Day back onto my blog.  I wasn't very timely on getting my own pictures on there and really there wasn't very much participation and that's okay.  It's still something I would like to do but better.  The whole idea is for me to make sure I am taking pictures on a regular basis of my children as well the "things" that are a part of our silly life.  All of which will be easier in one spot as it was in the beginning, on my blog.

One of the other things I've been thinking of is the direction I want this blog to take.  Or maybe just re-affirming the direction it has been meant to take.  This started as a place to house my Photo of the Day Challenge which was great.  Then I discovered this whole new world and just how many people blog.  I also would have never thought that people make a living off this silly business of blogging.  Yet, that they do and some rather successfully.  Me, no.  Not something I've ever think I will.  I say think because I guess if somebody mailed me a check I'd cash it as long as there weren't any strings attached.  That's a whole 'nother subject *strings*.  So until somebody wants to pay me for pictures of of my MESSY kitchen, I am going to stick to what the purpose was and the new focus I have.

What is my new focus?  So glad you asked.  I am intent on making books for my kids.  I don't scrapbook and probably never will.  I am going to turn out at a couple of books something like this:
  • One for each child on their birthday (a little catch up is needed here)
  • One for me on the anniversary of my blog (May).  I will probably have the same book printed a couple of times. 
When I had Henry I so wanted to know what I was like as a baby, so I am lucky enough that I can just ask my Mom.  I also would like to know what Adam was like as a baby.  Was he a big baby like our kids?  When did he eat?  What did he eat?  When did he roll over, sit, crawl, or walk?  Unfortunately, I can't ask Adam's Mom and I haven't been able to see his baby book.  I want the books for my kids to be extensions of their baby books.  I want them to know and see how they interacted with each other, the fun things we did, the places we travel to, etc.  So my blog will be focused on things I think they would like to know.  There will be other "bloggy things" as well, you know just for kicks!  Those will be for me and maybe they will be part of the book or maybe not.  We'll see.  I am sure there will be things they might find neat to know about their Mom.  Like how spastic I can be.  Well, they'll probably figure that out on their own.  Be prepared, in getting back to the basics, I will also be sharing how it really is.  (You know, like the kitchen!) 

I'd also like to do a little history of our family.  I've been thinking of my Grandpa a lot lately.  I've got a great picture of my Grandpa that I need to include in "The Book".  I want to interview him for tidbits that I vaguely remember.

So there you have it....what my "unplugged" has been doing for me and in essence my family.  I also want to say thank you for all your comments on my 40 Days of Lent post.  I have made one slight adjustment to the fasting section.  I decided the Internet will be okay on Sundays.  I am on less during the week so when Adam is doing bills it's a nice time to do a couple of posts or edit pictures.

Hope you are well and be blessed!

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