Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sophie at Six Months

My baby turned six months old!
She had her well baby check last week.
Want to see how big she is?

She's 28.5 inches tall, which is over 100%.
She weighs 18 pounds 2 ounces, which is 90%.
Her head circumference is 17 inches and that's 75%.

This height comes as no surprise to me as she's wearing 18 month clothes!

She likes to hold the sippy cup and chew on it but hasn't really got the hang of drinking from it.  I've also given her one with a straw as Karley learned from the straw before the typical sippy cup.

A few of the new things she has been doing:  Rubbing her eyes when she's tired, screaming when she doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something, she's been sitting better and better everyday, and she's taking a short (doesn't really like it) bath with big sister and brother.

She's eating crackers and puffy melt in your mouth snacks.

She loves to wake between 5:00 and 5:30 AM and talk away.  We love this baby talk even if she beats the rooster up.

She loves her excer-saucer and can twirl around like nobody's business.

She loves to suck her toes.

She absolutely loves Mommy and would prefer to be in my arms all the time.  Strangers make her cry, as do family (sorry Auntie Tonya) and friends.  I am oh so thankful she still likes Daddy.

She adores Henry and Karley.  If she's not with me, she loves to watch what they are doing. 

Without a doubt, what makes me smile the most is when Henry and Karley play with her.  I love to hear them all laughing, giggling and screaming of joy.

Happy Six Month Birthday Sweet Sophie Marie!

We love you!

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