Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Last Days of Snow Pack

It has rained here all day and I think it will tomorrow too.  That means our snow pack is about gone.  YEAH!  I took these pictures about a week ago and thought I better share them before snow is a thing of the past.  Well, sort of.

Without further ado.....

Henry called the snowmobile track a train track. 
He figured out (Mom advice) that it would be easier to walk on the "train track" than on the snow and away he went. 
I got them both up there and away they went.

Little Karley Janie fell.
My heart melted when big brother tried to help her up.

Mom to the rescue.

Away they go.

She really did like the outing. 
Not a peep from her.

My Priceless Fishers

Oh, I almost forgot....Adam & I have bet going.  If he doesn't plow anymore this season, I get a whole day to myself.  If he does plow then he gets a day to himself.  Who do you think will win?

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