Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My MacGyver - Construction

Last Thursday we packed up a covered trailer full of saws, tools, baby items and our clothes to head three hours north. 

We went to help my sister finish siding her house.  My husband isn't into construction per se but as I've mentioned on my sidebar...he's a MacGyver of all sorts.  This helped my sister out tremendously as she was on a deadline to get the project completed.  It was pretty cold and yet we were still thankful that it didn't rain!

Here's the love of my life figuring out how he's going to tackle this task.

And these are his helpers:
My Dad

My Step-Dad

My Mom

And later my sister.
I didn't get a picture of her working outside.
Instead I got a picture of her with my little Sugar Pie.
The kids got Easter baskets since we won't be there for Easter. 

My Sweetie Pie

My Cutie Pie

My two nieces.

Also not pictured (probably because we were in the kitchen cooking or something....)
Me & My Step-Mom

The siding is completed and so is our weekend.  It was busy and we are glad to be able to help Tonya.  We drove home, went out for dinner and got our camper.  It was a long busy week and weekend!  But a blessing every minute!

Hope you are all having a great week!

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