Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Playdates

Last week I had a a couple fellow bloggers and their Cutie Pies over for lunch and a playdate.  We had homemade blueberry muffins (a staple in our house) for a snack when everybody arrived.  Remember, we live out in the sticks so I thought I better have something for the kids after the long journey.  I guess Alexa asked her Mommy if they brought clothes.  I guess she thought they were in the car a long time and overnight clothes were required?

For lunch we had soup and salad and PB & J.  Yum!

Kids played everywhere and they played well.  Henry, although not pictured on the mini tramp learned a few new tricks.  He said later that night that he was "going really high like those girls".  That would be Alexa and Alley (below).  I asked him something later about Alexa (long red haired Cutie Pie) and he got really bashful and hid his face.  I was telling Adam about this to which he asked Henry something about Alexa and he got all bashful again.  Pretty sure he might have a little crush on Alexa.  Watch out Laura & Matt!

Also pictured on the mini tramp is a playdate regular at The Fisher House....Charlie.  You will recognize her blue eyes here.  And of course little Allie....she's new here but not new to playdates with this bunch.  It was just her first time at our house.  Her Mom is one fun woman known as Queen Jolene!

This dolly is Cori (Charlie's sister) and she is also a regular at our house.  I reference her Mom, Holly a lot on my blog. 

I thought I had enough places for all the little kids to take naps, yes, I thought.  But this little camper was just happy as could be hanging out with his Mom.  Isn't he a Cutie Pie?

Here's the whole gang.....

....minus sleeping Braden (Laura).  Cori & Charlie(Holly), Allie(Jolene), Sophie, Alexa(Laura), Karely & Henry.

Great time was had by all!  I have to say the next day was kind of lonely around here.  Can't wait for the next playdate!

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