Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 1/2 Marathon

My sister, Tonya (808) and her friend Carrie (1469) ran in St Cloud's Earth Day Half Marathon.  I got up with the kids super early on Saturday morning to make it to the start of the race by 8:30 AM.  Well, I tried to get tot he start but didn't quite make it.  I didn't know where to park or where the actual start was from my parking spot.  The course was all roped off  and miles weren't marked so I had to guess.  I pushed the "big kids" in the stroller and had Sophie in the Baby Bjorn and we just made it to the swarm of people at the start but didn't get to see Tonya & Carrie.  We did manage to catch them at the 4.5 mile area.  Here they are.  Don't they look good?  Like it is a breeze?  They rock!  These gals are training to run Grandma's Marathon on June 19 so a half marathon fit perfectly into their schedule. 

They are fast runners.....unlike me.  Their finishing time was 1:57.  Ya....that's like 8.9 minute miles!  Quite the accomplishment, I'd say!

We walked to the finish line to have a little snack while we waited for them to come in.  The kids were really good and everything went off without a hitch until Henry said he had to go potty.  There wasn't a place around for me to take him.  Thankfully he's a boy and there was a tree close by!!!

Don't they look awesome!  They just ran 13.1 miles!!!  Wow!  You rock ladies!

Happy Earth Day!

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